About Us

Our Story

Welcome to LYKEshops, the creation of author Lewis, Y. K. We're dedicated to bringing restoration through literature with our unique approach to life's lessons.

The idea for publishing started with a dinner conversation with my two older daughters about what I saw that evening as we prepared to leave. That evening, we dined by candlelight, and I saw how our hands moved in unison as I secured my youngest into her car seat. I said what a beautiful book it would be to see how a child may view her world with all the hands that take care of her! After discussing it further, my children said, Mama, why don't you write the book? However, it would take me several years before I took pen to hand to write the book. I wrote poetry and short stories and would share a few with friends and family, but I never thought I would publish them because I didn't have the formal education of a writer/author, so how would I succeed without those credentials?

A thought came to mind of how silly it was to think that I needed any validation other than the Word that came to me and said, You are who I say you are! My fears diminished over time as my life path moved me onto solid ground. The boundaries around me disappeared, and I found joy in the time of my life's challenges and despair. I write of hope, love, and self-discovery of acceptance, which made me free to be a writer, poet, author, inventor, & entrepreneur.

As a minority woman business owner, I will continue to bring forth stories that reflect the empowerment of family lives with diverse backgrounds with truth and honesty, and I am Lewis, Y. K. 

Our Mission Statement

~ Take your time and Hurry Up! – Lewis, Y. K

Our mission is to be like all the women before me with grace, love, and support for myself, staff, and every associate I may come across. To care for them as if they were in my household lovingly, tenderly as Yahusha cares for me so we can create great works of art, empowering creativity and maintaining a stress-free environment. We maintain an open-door policy of support.