All These Hands | A Day in the life of Eryn Lee - Large Print Edition

All These Hands | A Day in the life of Eryn Lee - Large Print Edition

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Enjoy the Large Print Version of this beautifully crafted illustrated children's book, All These Hands shares a snapshot of a full day in the life of Eryn Lee, from her morning song to her nighttime rituals. This heartwarming and stunning story explores the importance of family relationships. The book showcases each family member's diverse roles in contributing to a supportive and loving household through vibrant and engaging illustrations.

Children will learn to appreciate the value of teamwork, communication, and compassion as they see how each family member's contributions help create a happy and harmonious home environment. The book also emphasizes mutual respect, understanding, and gratitude in fostering deep family connections.

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  • Book, 35 Pages
  • Print Book: Landscape (11.69 x 8.27 in / 297 x210mm)
  • Premium Color, 80# White, Hardcover, Matte Cover
  • Interior Color: PREMIUM COLOR