Readers' Favorite: All These Hands: A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee

Receiving positive reviews for one's creative work is always a cause for celebration, and that's precisely what happened to author Lewis, Y. K with her heartwarming children's book, "All These Hands: A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee." This enchanting tale takes readers on a captivating journey through the eyes of Eryn Lee, a little bundle of joy, as she discovers the world around her through the voices and hands of her loving family members. Recently, the book received a glowing 5-star review from Ammaarah Seboa for Readers' Favorite, and it's not hard to see why. In this blog, we'll dive deeper into the magic of "All These Hands" and explore why it's a must-add to your child's growing library. 

A Unique Perspective:

"All These Hands" stands out from other children's books by offering a unique perspective. It beautifully portrays how a baby like Eryn Lee perceives the world, relying on senses such as sound and smell to form connections with her loved ones. The book effortlessly captures the innocence and curiosity of childhood, allowing young readers to immerse themselves in Eryn Lee's world and experience her joy and wonder firsthand.

 Captivating Illustrations:

Accompanied by vivid illustrations, "All These Hands" brings Eryn Lee's world to life on the pages. The artwork enhances the storytelling and provides visual cues for young readers to understand the narrative better. The illustrations create a captivating atmosphere that draws children in, ensuring their engagement throughout the reading experience. It's a testament to the talented partnership between Lewis, Y. K, and the illustrator, Nicolas Milano, making this book a visual delight for both children and parents alike. 

Interactivity and Everyday Relevance:

One of the highlights of "All These Hands" is its interactive nature. The inclusion of two songs, the Good Morning Song and the Pottytime Song, adds an extra layer of engagement to the story. Eryn Lee associates these songs with important moments in her daily routine, like waking up and getting ready for potty time. This clever incorporation of music entertains young readers and encourages them to participate in and establish similar rituals in their own lives.

 The Pottytime Song is available on all streaming platforms, enabling children to enjoy the interactive experience alongside the book. This aspect of "All These Hands" goes beyond simple reading and offers a practical tool that can be integrated into a child's routine, promoting learning and positive habits.

 "All These Hands: A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee" by Lewis, Y. K is a delightful and heartwarming children's book that deserves a place in every young reader's library. Its endearing story, coupled with captivating illustrations, takes children on a journey through a baby's eyes, discovering the world around her. The inclusion of interactive elements, such as the Good Morning Song and the Pottytime Song, adds an extra level of engagement and practicality for children and their families. With its 5-star review from Ammaarah Seboa for Readers' Favorite, "All These Hands" has proven to be a true gem in the realm of children's literature. So, why wait? Grab your copy today and let Eryn Lee's world enchant your little ones.

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